30 June 2008


Let's talk about one of my favorite weekends of the year: Spokane Hoopfest weekend.

This past weekend was my third year as a Court Monitor at the world's largest 3 on 3 basketball tournament. As per usual, it was a good time! This year I was placed on the youth female court and that consisted of 5th and 6th graders. In past years, I didn't have to worry about calling fouls--the players were responsible for that part, I was just there to keep things organized, call out of bounds, make sure the rules are followed, etc. Not this year. I had to actually call fouls! I have to admit, I was less than excited to have to actually ref the games. I was worried I would be horrible. I was worried players would yell at me. I was scared the parents would be unforgiving and ridiculous.

Boy was I wrong on all levels. It ended up being such a great experience doing the young girl's games. Sure I had a few issues with people but nothing major. I had several parents and coaches tell me that I did a great job, that I was consistent and they couldn't have asked for a better court monitor! YAY!

And I course finally got my much needed sunshine (arguably too much--you should see my face) and it was so great to be back in my ol' stomping grounds. I got to see some people that I miss dearly and being in Spokane just makes my heart happy!

Another successful Hoopfest under my belt! I wonder how many more I'll do before I become a Court Marshall.....

18 June 2008

Storm Game!

On Monday night I went with my rec league basketball team to the Seattle Storm game against the Connecticut Sun. It's no secret that I love basketball and I've wanted to see the Storm play for quite some time. They have 2 of my absolute favorite basketball players on their roster: Sue Bird and Sheryl Swoopes. I've been a fan of Swoopes since she was a Red Raider at Texas Tech, so getting to finally see her play on Monday night was pretty awesome. And Sue Bird. She is everything that a point guard should be. She is fun to watch.

Here is a few of us cheering the Storm on (and I even made it on the jumbotron):
Sue Bird doing what she does best--rocking at basketball:
I don't have a picture of Sheryl Swoopes, but because I try to be like her, I'll use a picture of myself:

photos courtesy our team captain's boyfriend, Andrew Abella

16 June 2008

The Spitz

I was going through some notes of mine I have from college and I came across a napkin that I had scribbled on during one of Father Spitzer's many thought provoking homilies. He said something that really struck me then and struck me again today.

Gotta love the Spitzer:

You don't have to run around proving you're lovable. God is your safety and your home. You are well embraced. It's important to remember that we have intrinsic dignity from God. And always will.

12 June 2008

india.arie = awesomeness

It's been awhile since I've listened to my india.arie cds, but she has a song on the Sex and the City Soundtrack, so I was conveniently reminded of my love for her music!

I own 2 of her albums and I find some of her lyrics to be simply amazing and inspiring. She is truly a gifted artist and you can feel her passion for music and life in every single one of her songs.

The song that is on the Sex and the City soundtrack is a remake, but a darn good remake. Check it out below. And if you like this song please let me know and I'd be happy to share some more of india.arie with you!

Check it out here:

11 June 2008


Today is my 25th birthday. Whoa. I've been on this earth for a quarter of a century.

I've been actually dreading this birthday for quite some time--for two reasons. One being that I'venever been a big fan of my birthday. I can't really say why, but I just don't like a big deal to be made out of my birthday. Other people's birthday I quite enjoy, but when it comes to my own, I'd rather just skip over it.

The other reason is far more complicated. I'm letting myself be vulnerable with this information, so I hope I express it succinctly enough.

25 years is a milestone. How many times do you hear about a couple's 25th Wedding Anniversary or a company celebrating 25 years with some sort of celebration. It's a nice number, divisible by 5 and recognized in our currency as a quarter. Thus, turning 25 years old is kind of major mile marker along the road of life. But there is a huge road block as I approach this mile marker. As I turned 25, I feel that I have nothing to show for it. I haven't done anything fantastic in my 'professional life'. While most of my friends are settling down and getting married, I'm the forever single girl, scared to death at the prospect of spending the rest of my life alone. It's not that I have some unrealistic vision of what I thought my life would be when I was 25--it was/is pretty basic: good job, a close knit circle of friends and maybe someone special to share life with. I've never even had my heart broken. Seems pretty silly to want to have your heart broken, I know, but a broken heart is a sign of something good--it means you were loved and loved someone. Means you tried for something. At 25, the only thing I've ever broken is my collarbone.

I just feel like in the pond of life, I'm splashing like hell to keep my head above water, but most days its the most difficult thing to do. I just feel so lost. I'm living in a city that has more people in it than I've ever lived near and at times I can't help feeling more alone than ever.

In general, I'm fine. I just have days, my 'Debbie Downer Days' when all these thoughts swarm my head. I know...I know...Pity Party of 1, right?

Happy Birthday to me.

10 June 2008

Rough Week...

I just rolled my ankle in the first 3 minutes of my basketball game tonight. And I mean rolled it real good. This is no tweak or sprain--this is a full fledge golf ball sized swell on the side of my ankle, hurts to walk, I cried a little roll job.

The hits just keep on coming.......

07 June 2008

Pain In The....

This morning I was putting my hair up in a ponytail,getting ready for my Saturday opening shift, and I heard a POP! in my neck. I got light headed and felt nauseous. And then couldn't move my head to the left.

Which was perfectly convenient considering I had an entire Saturday at Starbucks to worry about. And then a partner didn't show up. And then a new supervisor was training. And we were crazy busy. My team needed me to be 100% today and because of this stupid freak thing I was about 85%. It is surprisingly difficult to rock the bar with a 33 degree neck turning radius to one side. All I wanted to do is curl up with a heating pad and cry because it hurts so bad.

It's still extraordinarily sore and painful. Ibuprofen, my heating pad, a long hot shower and some 90210 have made it a little better. I work again tomorrow and I hope that I can at least be comfortable enough to run my shift.

Okay...I'm done whining.....