28 January 2009

Whitney Week: Day II

Day Two began the way most good days begin: sleeping in! Now, as a person who usually wakes up quite early, every hour past 6 am is considered sleeping in, so today, when I opened my tired little eyes to see 9:48 on the clock, I was immediately in love with Wednesday, January 28th.

Our start slow start to the day began with a trip to Top Pot Doughnuts. As a 2-year veteran of this city I can say that I've certainly enjoyed the wonder that is a Top Pot Doughnut, but I had never been to one of their neighborhood stores. We each picked a doughnut of our choosing (a blueberry cake donut for Whitney and a cinnamon sugar old fashion for this girl) and then we split one recommended to us by the man behind the counter. Whitney's blueberry doughnut was fantastic--literally like a blueberry exploding in your mouth. And mine was delicious as well--afterall, I am the girl who has 2 shakers, like most people, on her stove. Unlike most people, one is filled with salt. The other is a mixture of cinnamon and sugar. Classy, I know. And then our third 'staff selected' doughnut was scrumptious as well. Their coffee was very enjoyable as well. Overall, I was definitely impressed with Top Pot!

After the overconsumption of sugar at Top Pot, we headed down to Pike Place Market to wander around. I've never been there during any other season than summer, so to be there when there wasn't a gazillion people walking the halls was quite enjoyable. Whitney had gotten a new camera, a Diana, and was using that to take some pictures of the flowers, veggies, fruits and whatnot that are all on display at the Market. We then hopped over for some gelato (yum!) and then walked on down to Fran's Chocolates to buy some salted caramels. Afterall, they are our new President's favorite candy! It's just being patriotic, people.

After that, we headed out to dinner at a restaurant called The Jones. It is owned by one of my regulars at Starbucks, Scott. He is a great guy and is restaurant is just as awesome as him! Whitney was able to meet my friends--it was pretty great to have 4 of my favorite people at the same table. It was great fun.

Tomorrow, Whitney is forcing me to the spa for a massage. I know..I know...what a terrible friend, eh? :)

27 January 2009

Whitney Visits!

One of my very oldest and dearest friends in the entire world is here in Seattle for the week! Whitney flew in from Boston on Monday night and we are hanging out all week before she heads down to San Francisco to visit another friend.

Today I had to work the early shift and then we took the bullies for a walk. Whitney had fun getting to know both Chloe and Duncan, as well as seeing the beautiful part of Lake Washington I walk near. We also had some fun taking some action shots.

More pictures to come as Whitney Week continues.......

24 January 2009

Must Hear

Adele is the new artist that is monopolizing my itunes, my ipod and my cd player. Her freshman cd, "19", is amazing. I haven't like an entire cd this much since Norah Jones' first cd. And even more amazing, is that the title of the album reflects her age when she recorded it. Yep, 19 years old.

Check Her Out:

Best For Last:

Chasing Pavements:

20 January 2009

Balancing Act

Earlier this month, I was cleaning out my closet and I found a picture of me. It was taken right before graduation. But most importantly, it was a time when I was the happiest and healthiest I have ever been. And as I sat on the floor of my closet amid hangers, old shoes, pictures and boxes I promised myself I would get back to that point: happy and healthy.

I know it's early into 2009, but so far I'm a big fan of this year. Since early December, I've been very consciously working on the trifecta of life: mind, body and spirit

I've been reading a ridiculous amount lately--even more so than usual. I'm averaging about a book a week! I've finally picked up a book I've been intimidated to read for quite awhile, C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity. I am taking my time and trying to soak it all in. I don't think I've focused this much on a book since Philosophy 467! And I will learn Italian this year. Yes, I will.

I'm running regularly again, which makes my heart soar and my lungs burn. Basketball is still the highlight of my week. And I've been trying to eat healthy--that's been the real challenge!

And while I can't say that I'm totally settled with my crisis of conscious I've been having with religion, I'm making progress and generally feel okay about where I am at, but very good about where I'm going. I've been regularly reading my bible, started a study group with some friends and going to mass regularly. I'm sort of a freelance Catholic, I guess. This is definitely the biggest work in process, but I'm feeling more settled.

I haven't felt this balanced since I've moved out to Seattle, so to be at this point is somewhat of a relief--a regrouping of my former self.

And it just feels good.

11 January 2009

This One's For Jodie

"Friendship, like the immortality of the soul, is too good to be believed. When friendships are real, they are not glass threads or frost work, but the solidest things we know."
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

04 January 2009

Thy Will Be Done

While it is no secret I loved many, many things about Gonzaga, one of my favorite things about ol' GU was/is Father Spitzer. He didn't preside over mass that often, but when he did, it was well worth the 45 minute homily in the wooden pews.

I loved how he would get so engrossed in his homily that he would feel the need to apologize and end his sermon with, 'I got a little carried away'. And he need not apologize--his best stuff came when he 'got carried away'.

I feel like a have a rolodex of the all priceless nuggets of wisdom that Father Spitzer bestowed upon us during our time at Gonzaga. But there is one little phrase that has always stood out and has helped me when I wasn't sure what to say. Father Spitzer told us that when we weren't sure what to pray for, what to ask God for, what to say to Him to say 4 simple words: Thy Will Be Done.

I was reminded of this tonight while attending a friend's baptism at Mars Hill Church. We sang a song that had the phrase repeated over and over. I couldn't help but smile, thinking of Father Spitzer. And realizing how powerful those 4 words truly are.