21 November 2007

Mama I'm Coming Home!

I will be home in less than 6 hours! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to have the plane touch the tarmac in Billings. There are many things in life to love and I love going home! Nothing is better than having Sherry and Greg waiting for me at the bottom of the escalators at the Logan International Airport!

I will be home for 4 full days! That means 4 beautiful days of home cooking, tripoli, card games, Grandma's hilarious laughter, Amy telling jokes, Michael amusing all of us, sitting on the deck as the sun goes down and so much more!

Now I was home back in July, which really isn't that long of time, but I feel like it's been FOREVER!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! This year, I'm thankful for YOU!

15 November 2007


Monday night.
Paramount Theatre.
Kelly Clarkson.
Changed My Life.

I had the pleasure, nay the privilege of catching a one miss Kelly Clarkson on Monday night. And let me just say that I had no idea my love for this singer could get any bigger. Until she performs her song Sober in my very own presence. Or until she pulls out an updated, remixed version of Miss Independent! Or rocks the house with Since You Been Gone.

Seriously? SERIOUSLY!

She rocked my face off. I literally have no face left because she rocked it off. That sassy thing from Texas performed her little heart out! This was my second time seeing Miss Clarkson in concert and she continues to amaze with her simplicity. She doesn't get caught up in the fireworks, fancy lights or even elaborate costumes--Kelly just gets up there with a microphone, her band and rocks the house. She played every song I wanted her too--including the song that started it all for me--Miss Independent (stop your snickering, that song allows you to totally rock out). And she played my favorite song, How I Feel, off her new album, My December. And then she brought goosebumps when she sang Sober. If you're a Kelly Clarkson fan, you need to listen to this song. If you're not a Kelly Clarkson fan, you need to listen to this song. If you're a human being, you need to listen to this song! To hear it live....wow...almost too much for this Montana girl!

All in all, this concert was amazing, Kelly was phenomenal and I left as happy as can be.

And then I found out the next day that CELINE DION is coming to Seattle. Could my concert Karma get any better?

11 November 2007

Positively Postive.

All my life I've tried to be positive.

Have a positive attitude.
Get positive grades in school.
Be a positive influence.

And now at 24 years young I find that being positive is the hardest thing ever! Lately, I've made a definite effort to think positively. To attempt to view life with rose colored glasses. To see the light instead of the dark. To affirm the glass is half full. And while I've been mildly successful at it, I find it to be quite possibly the most difficult thing I've ever done.

But I've always believed that anything worth doing should never be easy. I've been very blessed to have positive people in my life lately. The influence of a few people has definitely helped me change the way I think about my life, the things in my life and how those things are going in my life. It always amazes that there are always a few people who, no matter what, can always look and more importantly find, the best in any person or situation. And I appreciate their ability to see the good and expect the best, it's educational for someone like myself. And inspiring.

A quote in my quote book instructs me to change my life, but if I can't change it, change the way I think about it. I think that is such a priceless nugget of advice. So I'll keep on keeping on, but as I trudge ahead on this adventure, I intend to see things from a positive perspective.