31 October 2009

Espresso Yourself

I want to start this post with the following statement: I love my job. Please remember this as you read through this post.

I love my job. That being said, working in a coffee shop has really made me miss one thing that I used to love: going to coffee with friends. I remember calling up a friend, suggesting a time and a place (usually a Starbucks) and then meeting said friend. And connecting. Catching up. Encouraging one another. Laughing. I can remember so many conversations I had over a cup of coffee that have enriched, encouraged and solidified so many of my friendships.

And now I work in a coffee shop, and as a result, I don't get together with my friends over coffee anymore. Or if I do, my stupid "coffee shop" manager goggles are on and I notice stupid things. Especially at other Starbucks. My thoughts are constantly "they need to do a lobby" or "eek, that RTD/E case needs some love" or "wow, someone needs to check in with that pastry case". I am a standards junkie, as well as a slave to Starbucks so it actually physically hurts my heart to go into random Starbucks and see them not doing things to standard.

And so I try to avoid going to coffee with friends at Starbucks because I am distracted like no other and that's just plain rude.

Today I went to the 'non-Starbucks Starbucks' here in Seattle. 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea. Not only did I have the best vanilla latte this girl has every had, but I was able to chat with my friends about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It felt really nice, a throwback to the days of trips to The Service Station or Rockwood Bakery in Spokane.

I really miss that natural connection friends have over coffee. I have a lot going floating around in my head these days and sometimes I think what I need is a friend, a tall vanilla extra foamy latte and the rest will take care of itself.

26 October 2009

Little Drop of Thoughtfulness

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20 October 2009

Over the Top Award

Melissa is the best blogger ever. She did this on her blog and was nice enough to include me in the 'award', so here are my answers. I won't be nominating anyone on the grounds that I don't anyone that blogs.

Where is your cell phone: Sitting right next to me. I'm addicted to my Blackberry. It actually did my laundry last night.
Your hair: Still stuck to my forehead from my basketball game earlier
Your mother: is the most amazing woman
Your father: is a gem of a man
Your favorite food: sushi. love it. crave it. need it.
Your dream from last night: I don't really dream that often. Last night was a dreamless night
Your favorite drink: beer and coffee. or the best of both worlds: coffee flavored beer.
Your dream/goal: to reach a point of self satisfying success at some point in my life.
What room are you in: my roommate's room. She is being nice enough to let me use her computer since mine decided to crash last week.
What is your hobby: anything outside. Or reading. I do love to read.
What is your fear: tornadoes. Even a slight breeze makes me uneasy.
Where do you want to be in 6 years: In Seattle, in my own house with a little bulldog running around in the background.
Where were you last night: went for a run late and crashed on the couch for One Tree Hill
Something you are not: a shopper. hate it.
Muffins: remind me of the Setons. I spent alot of $1 on those Costco goods.
Wish list items: my very own place. i've been watching WAY too much HGTV.
Where did you grow up: Montana
Last thing you did: play basketball
What are you wearing: sweats
Your TV: is on way too much
Your pets: are not mine. I have 3 vicarious bulldogs who I walk 2x a week.
Your friends: are more than I deserve
Your life: an over-caffeinated, sleep deprived mess. And I love it.
Your mood: generally pretty agreeable.
Missing someone: always
Vehicle: as of Sunday, 2010 Ford Escape. Love comes quickly.
Something you're not wearing: my heart on my sleeve. At least I'm trying not to anymore.
Your favorite store: REI or Whole Foods. Again, not a shopper.
Your favorite color: purple or green. it's complicated.
When's the last time you laughed: tonight with Averi and Lisa. As per usual.
When's the last time you cried: Monday when I dropped my parents at the airport. Yep, 26 years old and still cry when I leave them.
Your best friend: is one amazing, gracious, intelligent, patient woman.
One place you go over and over: Green Lake.
One person who emails me regularly: Gina G. My little Spanish Curly Haired Nugget.
Favorite place to eat: Sam's Sushi here in Ballard rocks my face off every time I go there. And Ultimate Bagel. Duh.

So there you have it, completely pointless information about the ins and outs of my life. Yes, it's true: I really AM that boring.